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Best Phone Mount for Jeep Wranglers

UPDATE: I found a better phone mount for Jeeps

This 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon is now my daily driver and one of the first items I needed to find was a good way to mount my phone.

I didn’t want to hassle with clips, sticky pads, or suction cups which is usually the only options for phone mounts. Even the phone mounts that are designed for Jeep Wrangler JKs usually have the clamp style mounting systems to secure the phone. I just don’t like that. Its inconvenient for me.

However once I found the Mag Mount by 67 Designs, I knew this was exactly the phone mount that I was searching for.


I wanted something that was quick to mount, didn’t leave any residue, and also something that was very adjustable.

What I was using on my previous vehicle was a Koomus CD-Slot Magnet Phone Mount. This mount was perfect for what I needed it to be. It installed in the CD slot (I stream music and never use CDs) and had a magnetic plate. It didn’t leave anything permanent in the car and was very easy to take out and install in a different vehicle if I was borrowing a car.

The included metal plate was sandwiched in between my phone and it’s case, again leaving no sticky adhesive residue. Whenever I got in my car, I would remove my phone from my pocket and slap the phone on to the Koomus Phone Mount. It was AWESOME!!!

So why couldn’t I use that same phone mount for my Jeep?

Well, my Jeep Rubicon came with the 430N Radio which includes a touchscreen display. This display covers the CD slot which did not allow that type of mounting system.

If you don’t have a Jeep or if you do but do not have the upgraded radio, I would highly recommend the Koomus mount.

However if you do have a touchscreen radio, this is where 67 Designs comes into play.


The Mag Mount by 67 Designs is like the Koomus mount but on steroids.

67 Designs is based out of Dallas,TX and have designed mounting systems SPECIFICALLY for the Jeep Wrangler JK. Their Mag Mount system easily installs with one factory bolt located on the top dashboard storage cubby of all JKs. The mounting arms are made with real carbon fiber and is fully adjustable in every directions. They also have GoPro mounts that make their mount systems dual purpose.

I was very impressed with the quality of their mounts and have no doubts that the mounts will last longer than the life of my Jeep.




I would recommend the Mag Mount to any Jeep Wrangler JK owner. A little pricey but they are high quality products.

I absolutely love my Mag Mount and use it daily for both my phone and my GoPro.

I would have no hesitation to recommend their phone mount systems to anyone with a Jeep Wrangler JK. The only negative that I see is the price. These Mag Mounts are a little pricey but they are indeed very high quality products.

You get what you pay for and I have no regrets.

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