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Secure Your Jeep with BOLT Hood Lock

I love my Jeep but the one thing it lacks is security.

When we talk about the security of the hood, all you need to do is pop the hood latches and the hood easily comes up. Today I am going to fix that issue by installing the BOLT Hood Lock!

Hood Lock by BOLT

This is a simple 10 minute installation that uses factory holes and the only additional tool you will need is a Heavy Duty Rivet Gun that will accept 1/4 inch rivets.

The great thing about the BOLT Hood Lock is that you can use your factory Jeep key to lock and unlock the locking mechanism. There is no need to carry additional keys just to keep your hood secure.

Another benefit of the BOLT Hood Lock is that it also eliminates any hood flutter that some Jeepers may experience during highway driving.

Installing BOLT Hood Lock


Jeep Grill Removal

The first thing that needs to be removed is the front grill. This will give us access to the factory pre-drilled holes needed for the installation.

The front grill is held in place by 6 pop up clips on top of the grill an additional clips near the bottom of the grill. Pop these clips off and you should be able to lean your grill forward.

There is no need to the signal light cables.

Once the grill is removed, you will see a wire loom that runs across the pre-drilled holes. Simply pop the wire loom loose so that it gives us more room to work.


Hood Lock Rivet

Line up the holes on the BOLT Hood Lock with the factory pre-drilled holes and rivet the lock in place with 1/4 inch rivets. Like I mentioned above, you will need a rivet gun that can accept larger rivets.

All of the 1/4 inch rivets are included in the package as well as additional pop up grill clips in case you accidentally break them during removal.


BOLT Hood Lock

You will need to set the locking mechanism to work with your key before you start putting everything back together.

All that is needed is to remove the BOLT Hood Lock cover and sticker. Next insert your factory key into the key slot and turn all the way clockwise.

The hood lock is now set to your factory key.

Just make sure it works and start clipping the front grill back to your Jeep.

That’s it! You are done!

Final Thoughts



A simple and very cost effective way to secure your JEEP!

I told you this was a simple 10 minute install!

This is definitely an accessory that I would highly recommend to anyone with a Jeep.

The cost is minimal and it gives you the piece of mind that your hood is a lot more secure.

What are you waiting for? Do it already!




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